Massage and Bodywork

CWHC offers bodywork and massage therapy appointments with licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers on a sliding scale. For more information on payment procedures and the self-pay sliding scale, click here.

Call 773-935-6126 to schedule. Appointment days and times vary.

The benefits of massage and bodywork include:

• Stress relief and relaxation
• Decrease in muscle tension and pain
• Improved sleep patterns
• Increased circulation and metabolism (encourages detoxification of the body)
• Accelerates healing of muscle injuries and helps prevent injuries
• Improved athletic performance
• Improved range of motion
• Increased sense of overall well-being, body awareness, and experience of being in the body
• Improve and address chronic physical and emotional health concerns

We welcome clients and practitioners of all gender identities and expressions.

Our Modalities and Practitioners

Massage and Bodywork includes numerous styles and techniques. Practitioners are often trained in multiple techniques and combine them to meet their clients’ needs. We aim to offer a range of modalities and practitioners so that you can find the care that is best for you.

Swedish Massage and other similar massage techniques are designed to relieve stress and reduce muscle tension. The techniques can be applied to the whole body or focused on problem areas. The sessions are typically done on a massage table. The recipient is undressed to their comfort level and covered by a sheet. Only the part of the body that is being worked on is exposed. Oils or lotions are often used.

Many styles of bodywork, including energy work, are available for individuals experiencing acute or chronic pain, range of motion issues, tightness or muscle spasms, past injury, or in need of healing at the emotional or energetic level. Some examples include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, shiatsu, Thai bodywork, reiki and more. Depending on the techniques used, the work may be done over loose clothing or directly on the skin. Wear comfortable clothes, and let your practitioner know if you prefer techniques that do not require you to remove clothing.

Practitioners may be trained in techniques not listed above.

Tips for getting the most out of your session:

• Ask the practitioner to explain their technique and go over what to expect during the session and afterwards.
• Let the practitioner know about any areas of tightness, discomfort or pain or if there are any areas where you would like the practitioner to focus.
• Let the practitioner know if you are not comfortable with having work done on certain parts of your body or in certain positions.
• Give the practitioner feedback during the session about the pressure and sensations you are feeling. It is always the practitioner's goal to work within the client's comfort level.
• Ask the practitioner for suggestions on self-care.
• Let us know what you think – we value your feedback! If you have a good experience, a positive review on Yelp will help us spread the word about our services!

Our Sliding Scale:

As with all of our services, CWHC strives to increase access to affordable and quality health care. To this end, we offer appointments with a sliding scale from $80-50. Within that range, we will recommend an amount based on your income and household size. If that amount is not comfortable for you, you can select the amount in the range that you are able to pay.

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