History and Development of TGAP

As a leader within the feminist health movement, CWHC recognizes the ways in which gender oppression and prejudice in our society inhibits access to respectful health care. We continue to reexamine the impact of such oppressions and adapt to meet the needs of our clients. As LGBTQ people and allies ourselves, we understand the difficulties trans-identified people may face when seeking medical care, and we are committed to examining and expanding our services to provide affordable, respectful health care to trans communities.

Reflecting that commitment, CWHC created the Trans Greater Access Project (TGAP).

How TGAP Started

CWHC began more focused work in trans communities by discussing community needs with community members and providers. Recognizing both our strengths and limitations, and hearing the need for affordable, sensitive gynecological care for transmasculine individuals, CWHC collaborated with the Queer People’s Health Collective to start TGAP, then known as the Trans Gynecology Access Project. We started with what we know and do well – providing basic gynecological care.  

What We Are Doing Now

Reflecting on our intent and desire to serve trans communities in more ways than gynecology, CWHC changed the name TGAP to TransGreater Access Project. This initiative highlights the services we currently offer, as well as the work we are doing to continue expanding our services to offer more comprehensive and inclusive services for both transmasculine and transfeminine people.

As part of our evolving approach to care, we began offering testosterone hormone therapy to transmasculine clients in 2010, and in May 2014 we began offering feminizing hormone therapy to transfeminine clients as well as primary care services to all of our clients.