Therapeutic Bodywork

Many bodywork and massage techniques are available for individuals experiencing acute or chronic pain, range of motion issues, tightness or muscle spasms. Therapeutic Bodywork may be used for athletes, those wanting soft tissue rehabilitation after surgery, and those for whom physical therapy has failed, and those wishing to avoid surgical intervention, if possible. Some examples include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching, cupping and more. Practitioners develop approaches combining techniques and tools to achieve therapeutic goals. These sessions are done on a table. Depending on the techniques used, the work may be done over loose clothing or directly on the skin. Wear comfortable clothes, and let your practitioner know if you prefer techniques that do not require you to remove clothing. The techniques may be intense but it is always the practitioner's goal to work within the client's comfort level. Communicating with your practitioner helps to ensure maximum benefit and comfort during your session.

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