Welcome, Mariah: CPS Summer Job Updates!

Posted on July 2

With support from The Chicago Area Health Education Center and the CPS One Summer Chicago Program, CWHC welcomes Maria Robles as our Outreach & Education Summer Intern! Mariah is a rising senior at Roger C. Sullivan High School and is part of Sullivan's Medical Academy. As a student in the Allied Health Track, Mariah studies not only general high school subjects but also client care, diagnosis, and treatment throughout the week! Read more about Mariah's experience here!

CPS One Summer Chicago works to connect Chicago-based youth, between ages 14 and 24, to employment, job training, and experiential education opportunities throughout June and July of 2014. One Summer Chicago hopes to address youth unemployment in Illinois; read more Alternative Schools Network's recent report on employment trends here.

Summer 2014 is CWHC's first summer as a partner organization! To learn how to be a partner organization in the future, click here! Click here to read more about the One Summer Chicago Program.


Q: Tell us about what you study at the Medical Academy at Sullivan High School! How did you choose the Allied Health Program?
We studied CPR, vital signs, blood pressure, and drawing blood. I choose it because growing up I was surrounded by my mom a lot and she had Lupus, so it made me want to take care of her and others. 

Q: What inspired you to participate in the Chicago Public School’s Summer Jobs Program?
A: I would say to keep me active. And to learn different opportunities that are out there.

Q: What sparked your interest in health care and medicine?
It was the whole drawing blood. That’s the first thing that sparked my interest. 

Q: How to you hope to use what you’re studying throughout the rest of your life?
In the future I want to be a nurse or work in forensics. I watch too many violent movies, and it doesn't bother me but I’m pretty curious about what’s in the body, and I want to physically see it.

Q: How do you think your internship with CWHC will support your work in the health care field?
It sort of helps me out with communicating things, like talking on the phone and communicating with other health care workers. When I’m updating the referral system, I would call someone up, and I’d ask them some questions like “is your current address correct?” or “what are your payment options?” Without that, you wouldn't go anywhere. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of the Allied Health Program thus far?
I've been doing it since my freshman year, but we’re getting into the activities now: learning CPR and drawing blood!