Support Anna Guanzon: Team CWHC Marathoner

Posted on August 5

Team CWHC marathoner Anna Guanzon plans to run the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon like she lives life: giving it her all! Learn more about Anna here, and support her marathon journey today!

Anna Guanzon Chase Charlie 5k (1)

Q: What's your marathon running history?
A: First timer! I have run two half marathons but never a full.

Q: Tell us about your strategy for running!
A: I remind myself that running is a gift. A friend and very seasoned runner once told me that running is simple: you get what you put into it. That resonated with me, not only with running but also other endeavors I was pursuing. So in a way, running has become a way for me to physically manifest my efforts and also relieve stress.

Q: What would be your top recommendation to new runners or runners just starting to explore longer runs?
A: I still consider myself a new runner; I’ve only been running for a few years and am just recently starting to tackle the exciting longer distances. I’ve found it’s most enjoyable (and easier) when I’m starting to get exhausted to forget my intended pace and focus on enjoying the scenery.

Q: What do you want to run with Team CWHC?
A: As a medical student and aspiring gynecologist, I hope to soon be in a position to provide sensitive, respectful, and affordable care. I had heard of the amazing work the CWHC does and read their mission statement and knew I would be proud to be part of their team. I have since had the opportunity to view the center and meet some of their staff. I’m inspired by their drive and what they do for the community.

Q: Finish this sentence: I believe in revolutionary health care because...
A: Everyone deserves the means to be healthy and empowered. The quality of a person’s healthcare shouldn’t vary based on gender, race, circumstance, or any other related factor.