Parents and Children workshop!

Posted on October 2

Parents and children talking about puberty?! AWKWARD?!

No, it’s not! In CWHC’s new Parents and Children sessions, you can have those seemingly uncomfortable, unimaginably embarrassing conversations amongst laughter and learning!

In discussing basic anatomy, physical changes related to puberty, and the social and emotional roller coasters that accompany this time of transition, CWHC helps parents and children share their questions, ideas, and thoughts with each other.

Together, we’ll talk about the questions we don’t want to ask aloud, the personal concerns we want each other to know, and our hopes for growing older!

Life changes should be a time for sharing! CWHC wants to help facilitate your conversations, and we will design the sessions to meet your needs.

Sessions run at $20 per child, with a 10-child minimum per class. For more information, contact Scout Bratt at or 773-935-6126 x230.