News From the Move!

Posted on June 6

The Race for Space Capital Campaign brought CWHC more support than we could have dreamed! After closing the campaign on June 30, 2011, we embarked upon an extensive, six-month-long search for a new home! Using support from our broker and real estate consultants, we’ve been exploring Chicago to find the best location in which we can continue to provide accessible, sensitive, and client-centered care.

In January of 2012, we began negotiations with one potential space. Unfortunately, at the end of March, we recognized that the space we had been pursuing was not going to work out and that we needed to seek out new options.

Never wavering in our commitment to relocate Chicago Women’s Health Center, we have restarted our search process over the past two months. We are currently looking at two other viable locations! We appreciate the continued support we’ve received from community members as we look for the best place for CWHC to grow and develop, keeping in mind that the goal of our move is to increase our ability to provide considerate, compassionate care that meets the health care and health education needs of our clients.

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