Meet Wanda, the Wandering Uterus!

Posted on October 16

Wanda the Wandering Uterus is a product of the “Wandering Uterus Project: A DIY Movement For Reproductive Justice,” which is a project started by art therapists as a response to today’s public attacks on women’s rights, sexuality, and reproductive freedom. Make your own uterus using any medium (fabric, felt, knit, crochet, draw) and post a photograph of your creation on their blog.

This project specifically references Hippocrates’ Myth of the Wandering Uterus, which linked female anatomy to women’s emotionality, and stated that the wandering uterus needed to be “contained and controlled.” This is ever-present today, as has been made visible by politicians’ attacks on Sandra Fluke and Todd Akin’s remarks regarding rape and reproduction. This project is an effort to speak up and speak out about women’s reproductive freedoms. If you have questions feel free to get in touch by emailing or visiting