Meet Our New Board Members!

Posted on February 6


We are thrilled to announce our new board members. Welcome class of 2013!

Courtney Chambers, Midwest AIDS Training + Education Center
"I am so excited to join the board! I had an amazing experience as an intern at CWHC and really look forward to continuing to be involved with this organization that I love so much. Although I am sad to see the old space (and the wood paneling) go, I am excited for the new space in Uptown and for new beginnings for CWHC."

Sarah Colome, Block Museum of Art
"I decided to join the CWHC board for many reasons, but mostly because I really missed being a part of a like-minded collective looking to advance accessible healthcare throughout Chicago. I am very excited about getting to know the board and the staff, as well as participating in the growth of CWHC! Our move to Uptown will be a wonderful time of transition to a high-need and historic neighborhood. I cannot wait to be a support in that process, and have another excuse to go to the Green Mill and maybe partner with some of the local organizations in Uptown!"

Stephanie Goldfarb, Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
“Serving as a board member at CWHC makes me feel like an empowered participant of a health care system that traditionally marginalizes its users. As a clinical social worker, I believe strongly in the CWHC’s comprehensive, client-centered, reproductive justice mission, and am thrilled to be able to work on new ways of reaching underserved communities and individuals. I think the upcoming move to Uptown affords CWHC an exciting opportunity to revamp its outreach and education strategies to meet the unique needs of the community members who live there.”

Roshani Saraiya, UIC College of Nursing
“I am thrilled to join the Board Committee of CWHC! I hope to help CWHC extend affordable and caring health services to more individuals throughout Chicago. I am especially excited for the move to Uptown, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago! CWHC's move to Uptown opens up a future to more opportunities for diversity, collaboration, and creative programs.”