Meet Lindsey: CWHC's New AVODAH Corps Member!

Posted on September 2

Meet Lindsey Adelman, CWHC’s new Office Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, and Advocacy Coordinator! Lindsey joins CWHC as a participant in AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps, a year-long AmeriCorps program focused on the intersections of Judaism, social justice, and anti-poverty work.

Lindsey Adelman Septmeber 2014

Q: What drew you to CWHC for your AVODAH Placement?
A: I care a lot about gender equality. In college I learned about the effects of oppression on individual’s health. I was excited to learn about CWHC and the services they provide. I’m looking forward to being a part of the team!

Q: What inspired you to participate in AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps?
I knew that I wanted to do social justice work after college. I loved the idea of being able to actively support causes that I feel passionately about while being a part of a community that is committed to pushing one another.

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish in your year with CWHC?
A: To connect with clients and support the CWHC community in my work.

Q: What about your roles at CWHC (Office Manager, Volunteer Coordinator, and Advocacy Coordinator) are you most excited about?
 I’m most excited to be an advocacy coordinator!

Q: How do you think living in a house of 16 people will impact your year?
I’m hoping to gain a strong community and a support network.

Q: Tell us one interesting fact about you.
I’m a certified archery instructor.

Q: Who is your feminist shero? Why?
My grandmother. She is a social activist who is passionate about women’s rights and is a huge role model for me.