Meet Kara: February Volunteer of the Month

Posted on February 20

Kara Volunteer Of Month

How long have you been volunteering at CWHC?
My first activity as a CWHC volunteer was participating in a rally for hotel workers' healthcare benefits at the Hyatt HQ in December 2011. Since then I've been working in the office (where it's a lot warmer) almost every Thursday afternoon.

What do you spend your time doing outside of CWHC?
I'm a bartender and a manager at a rock club in Ukrainian Village, and I love puzzles (word and logic, not jigsaw).

What is your favorite project that you've worked on here and why?
I've enjoyed everything I've done at CWHC-- even drawing the reproductive anatomy posters, ha!-- but my favorite, by far, was entering data collected from Outreach and Education feedback forms from a fifth grade class. The individual responses ranged from excitement about learning about their bodies and emotional growth to embarrassment about learning about their bodies and emotional growth. Of course I loved the wonderful comments they made about the experience and how much they loved that particular instructor.

What is your spirit animal?
Hummingbird? Um, I'm not sure. The only time I've professed "such&such is my spirit animal!" I was referring to a particular car on a highway. I hate driving on the highway, and I was using another vehicle as my pace car during some terrible weather coming back from Minneapolis with my boyfriend, John. It was raining cats and dogs, and my knuckles were white with bone, and that Toyota got me through it. Can my spirit animal be an anonymous car? Yes? Oh, good.

What three words would you use to describe CWHC?
Warm, Positive, Wood-paneled. But also: feminist, informative, encouraging, engaging, mindful, compassionate, kickass.