Meet Julia Turner: CWHC Marathoner

Posted on June 30

Meet Julia Turner, a first-time marathoner who's motivational tunes and mantras are helping her reach 26.2 miles with Team CWHC.

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Q: What's your marathon running history?
A: This is my first marathon!!!

Q: Tell us about your strategy for running.
A: I make sure I have a killer playlist to run to. Sometimes the right song gives me the extra strength I need. “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone, “No Dice” by Beirut, “Jump” by Van Halen, and “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift are some of my current favorites.

Q: What would be your top recommendation to new runners or runners just starting to explore longer runs?
A: You have to tell yourself things like “you got this!” and “just a bit longer!” constantly if you are having a hard run. Learning to find the thoughts that motivate you and keep you going is crucial. Some of my favorites are “this is what it feels like to grow stronger” and also watching the pavement beneath my feet flow by and thinking “your body is amazing.”

Q: Why do you want to run with Team CWHC?
A: I am so grateful that the Chicago Women’s Health Center exists, and I want to put my time and body into supporting the work it does.

Q: I believe in revolutionary health care because...
A: I dream of the day that it doesn’t seem like a radical idea to practice compassionate, positive, patient-focused, inclusive and affordable health care.

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