Meet Jess: CWHC's First-Ever Receptionist!

Posted on September 30

CWHC is thrilled to welcome long-time volunteer Jess Chang into our Collective as our first-ever Receptionist! Having dedicated time to CWHC as an Administrative Volunteer, Jess brings not only an investment in community healing but also a knack for staying calm while multitasking to her new role as Receptionist. Learn more about our new CWHC Collective Member!

Jess For Q And A E Update

Q. How does it feel to be CWHC’s first-ever Receptionist?
A. Fantastic! I’m so excited to be able to serve the CWHC community this way. I love being able to meet the people I speak with on the phone, and to get to know clients here at the Center. Plus, the collective community is a warm, welcoming, safe space, and I’m excited to be able to contribute to helping the Chicago Women’s Health Center continue the fine work it does for the citizens of Chicago.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being the CWHC receptionist?
A: I love engaging with collective members and clientele on a regular basis. I’m often one of the first people that new CWHC clients speak with, and when I’m able to be present with them and help provide them with kindness, compassion and helpful information, I know I’ve succeeded.

Q: What is the most challenging part of being the CWHC receptionist?
A: Juggling! The job often requires doing many things at the same time, and sometimes it’s hard to meet every need at once. Still, I do my best to stay calm and positive, and to prioritize appropriately so that everyone can get what they need.

Q. How does your life outside of CWHC impact your work here?
A:Well, I’m trained as a writer, teacher, storyteller and performer, which makes me a natural communicator who’s comfortable chatting with and getting to know new people. I’m currently working toward my 200-hour yoga teacher certification, and that work feels like an intuitive support to this work. Both my work as a (budding) yoga teacher and here at CWHC feel like, at their center, they’re motivated by a deep devotion to helping others experience healing, discovery and connection. I’m fortunate to be able to pursue work that means so much to me, and can hopefully have a powerful, positive impact in my community.

Q. Tell us one interesting fact about you.
A. I love to make story! When I’m not on my mat or here at CWHC, I’m working with Chicago-based storytelling theatre company called 2nd Story, where I’m a company member. I get to tell story, and even better, to help other amazing people tell their stories, as a means of connection and engagement in a way that reaches across boundaries. It’s awesome.

Q. Who is your feminist shero? Why?
A. Ooh, it’s a tie between Audre Lorde and bell hooks. What I know of Lorde’s work knocks my socks off, and she seemed in such possession of a powerful, righteous anger that wasn’t a tool of division or alienation, but instead was a powerful voice of unifying truth. The same is true of bell hooks; her work on the classroom as a transgressive space changed me as a teacher and a person.