Meet Aidan: CWHC's Newest Bodyworker!

Posted on June 3

Aidan Edited

Q: How did you get involved at CWHC?
Before I became a licensed massage therapist I built friendships with folks involved with CWHC. They would tell me about CWHC's focus on client consent, efficacy and agency, about how heavily CWHC is ran by volunteers and the center's dedication to grow and learn in order to best serve it's clients. Once I became a massage therapist I knew that CWHC was an organization I wanted to be involved with based on these values and actions. 

Q: Why is massage important?
Massage is important for many reasons. Not only does it provide positive, consent-based physical touch which releases oxytocin (a hormone that creates a "feel good" sensation) it also aids in restful sleep, pain reduction, digestion, circulation and stress reduction. Massage also is a form of care that doesn't come with loads of side effects and can be used as preventive care. Pretty fabulous stuff!

Q: What do you love about your job?
Oh, gosh, so much! I love using my skills to listen to people, understand what they want and need and then applying multiple techniques in order to assist them in achieving their goals. I love sharing helpful information with people, holding a safe space and the peaceful feeling I get when I'm working. I also love the excitement that comes when someone experiences relief or when I learn new techniques. Doing bodywork is a job where I get to be mindful, present and encouraging as well as continually grow. What's not to love?

Q: What do you want your clients to get out of bodywork?
This is a great question. I want my clients to feel heard, respected, safe and that they have choices. In addition to those things I want my clients to feel relief from whatever it is they are seeking bodywork for. It's also important to me that I have self-care suggestions ready for each clients needs should they show interest in combining our sessions with manageable, at-home techniques.

Q: What is different about massage at CWHC?
The commitment to shifting the power dynamic of provider/client to client/provider is one of the major differences about massage at CWHC than a lot of other places. CWHC is accessible in physical and financial ways which can be difficult to find in regards to massage. Also, CWHC has for a long time been a place to receive trauma-informed care which definitely extends into the core of massage therapy here.