CWHC is thrilled to announce Jubi Dutcher as the new Coordinator of the Trans* Greater Access Project!

Posted on January 14

Jubi Dutcher Professional Portrait

Q: What drew you to this position?
I have a genuine desire to help TGAP ensure we live up to our affordable, compassionate, and collaborative model. This model is especially rare for Trans* identified individuals to access. I am Trans* identified myself and believe I can bring a unique perspective to this position. And frankly, the more involved with the collective I can be, the better. My heart, soul, and mind are with us and our mission.

Q: What about the TGAP initiative have you found to be successful thus far?
I’m very impressed with our cultural competency. Finding health care that even agrees to see or treat Trans* people is rare enough and to find, in addition, people who are concerned with treating us with dignity and respect, to find health care providers who are willing to listen to us—that’s gold!

Q: Is there a new initiative or focus that you hope to bring to the program?
A very important focus is to understand the Trans* community is really an alliance of differing communities, with differing concerns and goals. This is not just along the lines of varied gender identities but is also along lines of age, race, education, economics, and more. This will affect all our programs in varying ways, and I’m excited to be digging deeper into them as a major part of my work as TGAP Coordinator.

Q: What about our framework sets us apart from other organizations?
For the Trans* community, gender is primary. Because the main focus in some LGBT groups is on sexual orientation, they can miss the bigger picture of gender justice. Trans* inclusivity at CWHC evolves out of a passion for gender justice.