“Spreading the Health” Conference – Building a Grassroots Health and Wellness Movement for Social Change!

Posted on April 17

Health care workers and wellness workers provide critical support to direct action and social change movements – keeping people well so they can stay involved. From acting as street medics in large mobilizations to providing more continuous care at long-term encampments, there is a growing movement of wellness work through a healing justice lens. Street medics and wellness workers from Chicago and across the U.S. invite you to attend “Spreading the Health” to build skills, network, and help shape this important movement!

Who should attend this conference?
- New and experienced street medics
- People with or without health care backgrounds interested in developing skills related to medical support, health, and wellness care in social change work
- People who have stepped up to run medical support at Occupy actions across the country
- People who want to support the Chicago Spring / NATO protests actions

Come to the whole conference or select the workshops and events that interest you!

Trainings will include:
-A complete 20-hour street medic training
-An 8-hour bridge training for health care professionals
-A first-aid training for affinity groups
-Setting up and running improvised clinics
-Crisis management
-Public health at long-term actions
-Herbal medicine and acupressure
-Radical mental health perspectives
-Preventing and responding to mental health crisis
-Sexual assault and substance abuse
-Healing burnout and managing stress and trauma

This conference is being organized by health activists from Chicago Action Medical (Chicago’s collective of street medics), the Chicago Healing Justice Network, and street medic collectives throughout the country. Check out spreadingthehealth.org for registration and updated information on workshop schedules, or to get more involved.

Date: Workshops and events from May 4th to May 13th
Time: See spreadingthehealth.org for schedule updates
Location: First Lutheran Church of the Trinity in Bridgeport and other Chicago venues