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Group & Workshop Schedule

Advanced registration and deposit are required for all groups and workshops; and the intake process for registration is group-specific. The contact person at CWHC will describe this process. We encourage you to discuss the fee with us if you cannot afford the full amount. People of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and gender identities are welcome. Groups are offered on an ongoing basis. Please call 773-935-6126 for more information.

Counseling groups

Counseling Groups

Interested in being part of a counseling group?  Come to CWHC!  Our past groups have included: Dealing with Our Moms, Becoming Safely Embodied, and Creating Connections.  Each group addresses specific topics and are often open to all cisgender women and trans* identified individuals.  We have a new group coming in the Summer of 2014, so be sure to check our website for updates and registration!  

If you are interested in being placed on an email list to receive more information about groups starting at CWHC, please register here

Massage and Bodywork groups

Qigong: Manage Stress-Balance Your Life Classes

CWHC is pleased to offer two opportunities to learn natural self-care practices for stress-management and life balance. The Manage Stress-Balance Your Life classes will teach you Qigong energy practices, specifically the 4 Energy Gates practice, an energy practice that can be used daily to increase life energy, balance your body, and promote calmness. The 4 Energy Gates practice utilizes self-massage to activate key energy centers in the body. Regular practice can lead to a deeper awareness and appreciation of our interconnectedness to the world around us. This self-care practice can be done in 30 minutes or less. 

Our upcoming classes will be held on Wednesday, October 15th and Wednesday, October 29th, both from 7-8pm. 

Classes will be offered at CWHC, on a sliding scale. For more information, contact the Integrative Health Program at 773-935-6126 x227.  

Fertility Awareness groups

Fertility Awareness Class

While the knowledge and awareness about fertility you will gain is priceless, the full fee for this class for an individual or couple is $100. This fee slides down to $25. You decide how much you can afford along this scale, though we ask that you pay as much as you can afford.  Shortly after registering, you will be contacted to make your payment. You also have the option of setting up a payment plan.  For more information about this class or to set up a payment plan, please contact Scout Bratt, Outreach & Education Director at or 773-935-6126 x230.