Group & Workshop Schedule

Advanced registration and deposit are required for all groups and workshops; and the intake process for registration is group-specific. The contact person at CWHC will describe this process. We encourage you to discuss the fee with us if you cannot afford the full amount. People of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and gender identities are welcome. Groups are offered on an ongoing basis. Please call 773-935-6126 for more information.

Alternative Insemination groups

Alternative Insemination (AI) Peer Support Group

Join CWHC for an ongoing, drop-in, peer-led Alternative Insemination (AI) support group on the fourth Tuesday of each month! 

Not only an opportunity for those interested in AI to talk with people who have experienced the process firsthand, the AI Peer Support Group offers the chance for those currently doing inseminations to share with and support others who are going through the same process.

Come to CWHC's meeting room, at 1025 W. Sunnyside, and meet other families who have had (or are expecting!) children through donor insemination.

Register at any time, but at least five days before a meeting. For more information, contact the Alternative Insemination Program at 773-935-6126 x223 or via email. Donations will be accepted at the group. No minimum required.


Health Education groups

Vaginal Health Workshop: In Spanish!

Join in CWHC's Vaginal Health Workshop in SPANISH!

Learn, along with our Health Educator, how to better know and understanding the body and its signals through a feminist, holistic perspective!

The workshop will cover:
-Monitoring Body Signals
-Self-Examination of the Vagina and Cervix
-How to Access Information for Preventative Care during Health Care Visits

The workshop is offered on a sliding scale, from $100-$25 per individual or couple. No one will be turned away based on ability to pay.

The workshop focuses on vulvas, vaginas, cervixes, and uteruses, but all bodies and identities are welcome.

For more information, to request the workshop for a specific group, or to schedule a future workshop, contact Jacoba Cruz-Rodríguez, Health Educator, at or 787-671-4606.

Taller Salud Vaginal en Español

Solicite nuestro taller de apoderamiento de Salud Vaginal en español.

Aprenda junto a nuestra Educadora en Salud a conocer y entender mejor el cuerpo y sus señales con una mirada feminista e integral.

En nuestro taller aprenderá de:
Como monitorear señales del cuerpo
Auto examinar la vagina y cérvix
Como obtener mejor información para prevención y cuidado, inclusive para compartir con su proveedor de cuidado de salud.

Los precios de talleres fluyen en escala de $100 a $25, según ingreso o capacidad de pago. Ninguna persona será rechazada a nuestros servicios por no poder pagar la cantidad total, o parcial. 

El taller es basado en personas que tienen vulvas, vaginas, cervix y/u útero, pero todas las personas, cuerpos e identidades son bienvenidas.

Para más información, solicitar el taller para su grupo o comunidad, contacte a Jacoba Cruz-Rodríguez, Educadora de Salud, a or 787-671-4606.

Fertility Awareness groups

Fertility Awareness Class

While the knowledge and awareness about fertility you will gain is priceless, the full fee for this class for an individual or couple is $100. This fee slides down to $25. You decide how much you can afford along this scale, though we ask that you pay as much as you can afford.  

Shortly after registering, you will be contacted to make your payment. You also have the option of setting up a payment plan.  

For more information about this class or to set up a payment plan, please contact Scout Bratt, Outreach & Education Director at or 773-935-6126 x230.

Understanding Your Fertility Workshop: In Spanish!

CWHC is excited to be offering workshops in Spanish! Join CWHC Health Educators and discuss how to connect with the body to further understand menstruation and fertility.

Understanding Your Fertility Workshop will address:
-Hormonal changes and how they impact the body
-Changes in the menstrual cycle, throughout life
-Female sexual anatomy

Come to this workshop, no matter your relationship with and/or stage of fertility! This workshop is open to any and all bodies and identities! Feel empowered in your body through learning!

Understanding Your Fertility Workshops are offered on a sliding scale, from $100-$25 per person. No one is turned away based on ability to pay. 

For more information about this class or to set up a payment plan, please contact Jacboa Cruz-Rodríguez, Health Educator, at or 787-671-4606.

Entendiendo tu Fertilidad (en Español)

En CWHC estamos encantados de comenzar a ofrecer talleres en español. Únete a las educadoras de la salud de CWHC para discutir cómo conectar con tu cuerpo para un mejor entendimiento de la menstruación y la fertilidad.

Este taller trabajará con:
- Cambios hormonales y su impacto en el cuerpo
- Los cambios en el ciclo menstrual, durante toda la vida.
- Anatomía sexual femenina

Ven a este taller, independientemente de tu (o no) relación con tu etapa de la fertilidad. Este taller está abierto a cualquier, y todos los cuerpos e identidades. ¡Apodérate en tu cuerpo a través del aprendizaje!
Los Talleres de “Entendiendo tu Fertilidad” se ofrecen en una escala ajustada a ingresos, desde $ 100- $ 25 por persona . No se rechaza a nadie en base a su capacidad de pago.

Para obtener más información acerca de esta clase o para establecer un plan de pago, por favor, póngase en contacto con Jacoba Cruz-Rodríguez, Educadora de Salud, a, o llame al 787-671-4606.