Fertility Awareness

Spend a few minutes each day and you can acquire abundant practical information about the fertility and menstrual cycle! CWHC offers a specialized 2 1/2 hour Fertility Awareness workshop to increase your awareness of the monthly menstrual cycle, for the purpose of preventing or achieving pregnancy, realizing why your body feels differently throughout your cycle, accurately predicting your periods, understanding hormonal changes, and becoming familiar with cycles to help with alternative insemination! All individuals are encouraged to attend!

Fertility Awareness Method is a scientifically proven method of birth control that is based on charting daily basal body temperatures and observing cervical mucus. It uses no hormones, chemicals, prescriptions or fittings and causes no side effects. It is user-controlled and extremely low cost. When practiced carefully and correctly, fertility awareness is highly effective in preventing pregnancy by identifying the days when risk is high. Many people use barrier methods combined with Fertility Awareness for optimal pregnancy prevention.

FAM is also helpful if you are trying to achieve pregnancy. FAM can pinpoint the ideal time to introduce sperm, which is especially helpful for people with fertility concerns or without easy access to sperm, such as those utilizing Alternative Insemination to achieve pregnancy.

CWHC’s Fertility Awareness class is a great way to learn more about the menstrual cycle and basic female anatomy and physiology.

Participating in this workshop can help you:

  • Identify the fertile time in each cycle.
  • Become more in touch with your cycles, which helps you predict events from monthly bleeding to pregnancy to menopause.
  • Find patterns in seemingly irregular cycles.
  • Understand the difference between normal cervical discharge and abnormal discharge from an infection.
  • Feel more in control during visits to health care providers.


For more information about our Fertility Awareness workshops or to set up a payment plan, contact Scout Bratt, Outreach & Education Director via email sb@chicagowomenshealthcenter.org or at 773-935-6126 x230.