Asian Bodywork Therapy

Asian Bodywork Therapy is an umbrella term that includes numerous bodywork techniques that aim to bring the body, mind, and spirit to optimal health. Most forms of Asian Bodywork Therapy are based on an understanding of the health that comes from Chinese Medicine or similar systems from other Asian countries. Generally, the goal is to encourage the smooth flow of qi (also called life force or energy) throughout the body. Since ancient times, massage and bodywork have existed alongside acupuncture and herbs as a way to address illness and create health. Some common forms of Asian Bodywork Therapy are acupressure, shiatsu, tuina, and Thai Bodywork. Check out this article for a fuller discussion of different forms of Asian Bodywork.

Asian Bodywork can be used for a range of reasons, including:

• Pain management for acute and chronic conditions
• Relieving stress and tension
• Easing chronic conditions
• Helping autoimmune disorders
• Personal growth

Acupressure: Is the application of finger pressure to various acupuncture points on the body to restore balance, release tension and promote circulation of qi. Acupressure is done on a massage table with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

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