Meet CWHC's New Board Members!

Posted on February 18

CWHC is honored to welcome new Board Committee members into our Collective! We can't wait to introduce them.

Sara Abelson, Senior Director of Programs at Active Minds
"I've spent my entire life encouraging people to seek help for whatever health concerns they're facing, and I'm very excited to now be working with an organization that ensures when people do seek help they have a positive experience. I love the compassionate, empowering, accessible, queer and trans*-friendly services CWHC provides. I look forward to helping CWHC settle into our new home in Uptown and making sure we're serving the diverse populations and needs in our new neighborhood."

Rachel Caidor, Assistant Director of Campus Advocacy Network at UIC
"I have been a proud patient of CWHC since 1997. I have worked in various rape crisis centers in Chicago since 1998 and currently work at UIC's Campus Advocacy Network. I love the Health Center's feminist, client-centered, democratic model of care. I believe in the work CWHC does to help people across the spectrum of gender take control of their health care."

Abbey Fox, Community Engagement Specialist at Catharsis Productions
"I am inspired by the way CWHC empowers everyone who walks through its doors through comprehensive and compassionate health care services! It is a truly magical place. I currently manage all social media platforms as the Coordinator of Community Engagement at Catharsis Productions and am excited to work on developing a comprehensive social media marketing plan and other communications efforts."

Roxy Trudeau, Disaster Program Manager at American Red Cross
"I spend my days working as a Disaster Program Manager with the Red Cross and was formerly the Outreach & Education Director here at CWHC. I love CWHC and am thrilled to be on the Board Committee because I believe deeply in the work of this collective, which strives so much to provide vital services in an accessible and affirming way. I believe this organization embraces self-reflection and is dedicated to evolving with the ever changing needs of the community. I am SO excited to work on planning a celebration for our upcoming 40th anniversary next year, as well as all the small projects that pop up around here."

Want to learn more about the Board Committee at CWHC? Contact Development and Communications Director Katie Vogel via email or at 773-935-6126 x229.