Meet CWHC's Best Cook!

Posted on May 5

Stephanie Goldfarb, MSW, serves on the Board of Chicago Women's Health Center (CWHC), is the Senior Youth Associate at Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, founder of Seven Species Supper Club, blogs about everything food-related at Autostraddle, and currently appears on the Food Network's America's Best Cook. We sat down with Stephanie to catch up and learn more about her amazing cooking skills and commitment to philanthropy.

How did you get involved at CWHC?
I got involved with CWHC four years ago because I was in social work school and I wanted to know where to refer my clients for sliding scale, comprehensive health scare. I found out about CWHC, stalked the website constantly, became a client, and have only had incredible experiences at CWHC. I'm terrified of doctors, and CWHC has given me a new framework to interact with my care providers. I heard about an opening on the Board, applied, and have been on the Board for two years now!

How did you decide to put your cooking skills to philanthropic purposes?
When I joined the Board, I knew that fundraising was a part of the position. I knew I could raise money, but I wanted to be creative and have fun. So, I created a once a month supper club at my house. I started feeding people elaborate, seven course meals on a monthly basis.

What is the best thing you've made for a supper club meal?
Anytime pastry comes out of my oven, it's pretty special. But, I made six different kinds of homemade bread. Bread woos people.

What should people know about you?
I'm an open book. Reach out through Seven Species Supper Club. Keep supporting the Health Center. We're moving in an incredible direction with primary care, billing insurance, and integrative health care. Now is the time to buy in and support the Health Center and help other people receive services.

How did you transform from home cook to reality tv celebrity?
I heard about it from a friend and went to an open audition, one thing led to another nad I was cast on the show. It's been an unbelievable ride.

What has been the best aspect of being on a Food Network show?
The biggest thing was getting to be mentored by Michael Symon. None of the relationship on TV was fabricated--I really got to learn from him. I'm cooking better than I ever have, and getting to learn and be yelled at by Michael Symon was the best part of the experience.

What did you learn from your altercation with Michael Symon last week?
I learned my lesson. When an iron chef tells you to do something, you don't question, you just comply. Do. Not. Question. An. Iron. Chef. Ever.

Is there anything CWHC's amazing community of supporters can do to help you out?
If you have a space with a functional kitchen, I'd love to hear more about it. Right now I can only feed ten people at a time in my home. If you want tickets, subscribe to the newsletter at up to date information about menus, tickets, recipes.

Wait, we just heard you're the newest blogger over at Autostraddle! You are officially the fiercest person we know. Tell us a little bit about Autostraddle blogging.
I get to talk about whatever I want to talk about, don't have to watch my mouth. It's a cool community of people to write for and to be a part of. I feel so welcomed in the Autostraddle community.