CWHC’s TGAP Initiative Offers an Apology

Posted on April 6

It has been brought to our attention by members of trans communities that the language of the Trans Greater Access Project (TGAP) is misleading and does not accurately represent the services that we currently offer for people across the gender spectrum. We value and appreciate community input as it helps us to better serve and be accountable to our clients. We did not intend to be misleading. We recognize this error and we apologize for the hurt we have caused. We are working to modify our language to accurately reflect the services we currently offer as well as those in development. 

We created and named TGAP to reflect our organizational commitment to providing services for all trans communities. As an initiative, it is a work in progress. Currently, we offer more services for transmasculine than transfeminine clients. We know that TGAP has had positive impact on many clients and that we have a long way to go to be fully inclusive of serving all trans communities. 

CWHC recognizes the very real history of institutional harm and exclusion of trans women from feminist organizations. We do not want to perpetuate this harm and exclusion. We are committed to providing informed, affirming, and affordable care for all communities that we serve. Providing informed care is a process and for us, a slow one. In order to provide transfeminine communities with the informed care that they deserve, this process must be intentional. We are actively seeking input from trans women because we want to design the programming with you, not for you. We want to hear from you. We welcome you to participate in our focus groups and tell us how we can best serve your communities. 

In peace and health,

Jess Kane
Clinical Services Director and TGAP Coordinator
On behalf of Chicago Women’s Health Center

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