Alternative Insemination Spotlight: Meet Kathleen and Grace!

Posted on April 3

We’re happy to share with you the story of one of the families served in our Alternative Insemination Program. For more information about Alternative Insemination at CWHC, click here. Enjoy this Q&A with Kathleen!


Tell us about your family

Grace joins a large extended family with six cousins, five aunts and uncles, two loving grandparents and an extended network of other friends and loved ones. It’s just Grace and me in the immediate family unit so far. Grace is 8 month old and I am significantly older than that.

Do you have any funny stories or memories of the AI process?

For the first several months I tried inseminating myself at home. One month it turned out that I needed to be in Washington, DC for work during the time that I would be ovulating. I was using a donor from Fairfax Cryo in Virginia, so I was trying to find a way that I would not have to miss a month while on the road. So I got creative. Given that the sample could not be shipped to a hotel and I didn’t want to explain the package to my colleagues at the office, I found myself in a cab headed to Fairfax to get the sample, then attempting to inseminate myself in a hotel room in DC. The lengths you’ll go to keep on trying!

Any advice for people considering AI?

When I was trying to get pregnant I found that I didn’t really fit at traditional infertility clinics since I’m a single woman and had no idea whether or not I could conceive because I hadn’t yet tried! The fertility doctors immediately wanted to put me through a series of elaborate and expensive tests that were completely unnecessary. I had to resist mightily and they still didn’t want to take my situation into account—they just wanted to run me through their routine (and profitable) process. So my advice is to stand up for yourself and your family no matter the input and advice that is coming your way.

Why did you choose CWHC?

When I found CWHC I was so pleased and relieved. Their services seemed custom-built for me. The staff was supportive and low-keyed about the process. They were flexible and able to accommodate my schedule even one time when I came directly from the airport to their offices for insemination. The amazing thing is—it worked on the very first try once I came to CWHC.