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CWHC believes everyone should have access to quality health care, regardless of ability to pay. In connection with our mission to make health care affordable, all of our services are offered on a self-pay sliding fee scale and we also offer payment plans to further support accessibility. Please contact us for more information about payment options and current policies for billing insurance.

Although CWHC relies on client fees to continue providing affordable health care services to all, we do not turn anyone away based on ability to pay.

A Note on the Gynecology Program

The sliding scale for each visit depends on the visit type and any tests. Each visit has a full fee, which can slide down to a minimum fee depending on income. We do ask our clients to pay as much of this full fee as they truly feel they can afford. When each individual pays as much as they can truly afford, we are able to continue providing affordable care for everyone.

To find out the cost for your particular visit, please contact us to discuss your health care needs. Your health care provider will also discuss cost with you during the visit, enabling you to participate in these decisions and ensuring that cost will never be a surprise to you.

A Note on the Outreach and Education Program

There is a $200 per class fee for classes at your facility. A sliding scale is available for organizations and schools with limited budgets. Multi-session classes may require different rates. Please contact us to discuss your fee.

Fees for On-Site Workshops

Fertility Awareness Workshops: The workshop fee is $100, with scholarships available for a limited number of participants.

Payments you can make on our website:

  • Make a payment on your payment plan or other balance
  • Register for Fertility Awareness
  • Register for a Counseling Group
  • Make a donation

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  • Electronic transmission of payment information is private, but we cannot guarantee your confidentiality with electronic transmission. If you are not comfortable submitting an online payment form, please call us to arrange payment.