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CWHC's Monthly Giving Program

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Using CWHC's online donation form , select "Monthly" for "Is this a one time or recurring donation?" You should immediately receive a confirmation email from CWHC. If you don't receive an email, or if you have any trouble setting up your donation, please let us know.

If you need to update an existing monthly donation

You can change your card information or your donation amount by resubmitting your donation using the online donation form. We will see that you are an existing member and will take care of the rest.

If you would like to change your contact information

Please email CWHC directly at fundraising@chicagowomenshealthcenter.org or call (773) 935-6126.

The Importance of Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is an enduring statement of support for CWHC. It provides important, stable support that sustains our programs.

Over the course of a year:

  • $15 per month will provide 1 primary care appointment or 1 annual gynecology exam
  • $25 per month will provide 1 comprehensive sexual health and healthy relationship education class for 25 youth in the Chicago area
  • $50 per month will provide the appointments and screenings needed to initiate hormone therapy for 1 trans client


Contact A.J. Barks, CWHC's Development Director, at (773) 935-6126 x229 or ajb@chicagowomenshealthcenter.org.

Louise Champlin

Louise Storytelling At Fyos

Louise's Circle is named in celebration of the life's work of Louise Champlin - fierce client advocate, CWHC health educator, and Collective Member for over 30 years. 

Louise passed away in November 2016, having profoundly shaped every aspect of CWHC and feminist health care in Chicago. This program is a lasting tribute to her legacy and continues her unwavering commitment to our clients, our community, and this work.

Remembering Louise

"She was an amazing advocate and in her decidedly unapologetic voice she taught me how to find mine."

"I have no words - just tears and gratitude that she was part of my life and this community."

"It was truly a privilege working alongside and learning from the smartest, most dedicated, bad ass woman that I know. Louise helped mold so many wonderful activists in this world. She will continue to guide us and inspire us by her example. Thank you Louise for everything!"

"I met with Louise once, to get started on hormone replacement therapy and the long transition process. Despite that I only met her once, she left a deep impression in my heart. I truly looked forward to meeting her again, and I miss her as much as I would a family member. She is the first person in over 20 years that I felt truly at peace with; that accepted me 110% for who I am, without any judgements or conditions. Despite not knowing her that well, I do believe she truly is irreplaceable. When I read the news post online that mentioned “She loved you”; I can’t help to feel that is completely right, that she loved her patients unconditionally."