People's Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on November 21

This year, we have so much to be thankful for! Join Fight Back! /¡Lucha y Resiste!Newspaper for this activists’ Thanksgiving celebration. We’ll look back on another year of struggles waged, victories won, and attacks resisted.

When: Saturday, December 1st, 4pm-8pm
Where: Trinity Church, 125 E. 26th St.
Tickets: $30 (includes dinner), $5 for children and unemployed individuals

Some victories this year include:
• The nationwide outcry in response to the vigilante killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida
• The Chicago Mental Health Movement’s spearheading the fight back against cutbacks
• Chicago’s march against NATO in May
• Occupy Chicago and the National Lawyers Guild standing up to the attacks brought down on the NATO 5 and others
• Carlos Montes defeating the FBI effort to imprison him
• The victorious strike by the Chicago Teachers Union in September
Join us to celebrate the power of collective voices. Click here to RSVP.