Can I use health insurance to pay for my visit?

Please visit our "Paying for Services" page for information about insurance and other payment options.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, CWHC's space is wheelchair accessible. When you call to schedule your visit, please let us know you are using a wheelchair, and we will let you know how to enter the building.

Are you a free clinic?

No, CWHC is not a free clinic and is not a government funded clinic. We do provide sliding scale fees. Read below for more information about our self-pay sliding scale fees. For more general information on payment procedures and options, click here.

Do you have sliding scale fees?

Yes. All of our services are offered on a sliding scale and will continue to be, even as we begin to accept insurance in the near future. Please visit our "Paying for Services" page for more information.

Do you do STI screening?

Yes, CWHC provides complete screening for sexually transmitted diseases/infections.

What kinds of birth control do you offer?

CWHC offers comprehensive birth control counseling. In addition, we can provide the following birth control methods: cervical cap, condoms (male and female), diaphragm, oral contraceptive pills, the Nuva Ring, the patch, the IUD and spermicidal gel. In addition we offer referrals for depo provera.

Do you offer emergency contraception?

Yes. Emergency contraception must be administered within 72 hours after the incident of unprotected intercourse.

Do you have evening or weekend appointments?

Yes, and all visits are offered by appointment only. We are generally open on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and occasional Saturdays. Please call to see what appointment slots we currently have available.

Do you do abortions?

CWHC is a pro-choice organization. We do not provide abortions at the health center but we provide referrals as requested. We offer pregnancy options counseling for our clients with referrals and complete information about abortion, adoption, and prenatal referrals.

Can I have my baby through the Health Center?

CWHC does not provide prenatal care. We did have a prenatal program from 1982-2002 but not longer provide this service. We have offered Childbirth Education classes in the past but have none scheduled currently, please check back for any changes.We offer referrals for prenatal care. Please call for more information about these referrals.

Can I walk in or be squeezed in for an appointment?

CWHC is not a walk-in clinic. We do require that our clients set an appointment with us. We will see clients on a squeeze in basis only for the following concerns: urinary tract infection and some pregnancy screening. Any client who chooses a squeeze in appointment should call first and must arrive at the health center at the beginning of a scheduled clinic (typically 9am, 1pm and 6pm). All squeeze in clients will wait in our waiting room until a health provider can see them. Please contact our gynecology department at 773-935-6126 before you come in to the clinic for a squeeze in appointment. No walk in or squeeze in appointments are available in our counseling program. A scheduled in-take appointment is required to begin counseling services.

Can I get therapy at CWHC?

CWHC does provide counseling services. Read more information about the counseling services we provide.