Alternative Insemination Feature: The Garton Dribin Family

Posted on November 7

We’re happy to share with you the story of one of the families served in our Alternative Insemination Program. For more information about Alternative Insemination at CWHC, click here. Enjoy this Q&A with the Garton Dribin Family!

Q: Do you have any funny memories of the AI process?

A: We wasted no time in getting things underway. In fact, were able to time our first insemination to take place less than a week after our wedding. Ten days later, we left for our grand and glorious 1950s honeymoon to Niagara Falls, Canada. Yes, we were aiming for a honeymoon baby. I guess we’re just traditional like that.

Because we can’t help ourselves, Megan took several pregnancy tests while we were there. It was pretty early to tell, so we weren’t taking the negative results to heart. Then she got her period. Stoically composed, the first thing she said was, “I’m having a glass of wine with dinner.”
It’s a good thing she did, we got pregnant the very next cycle!

Q: Tell us about your family.

A: There are three (soon to be four!) people in our family. Moms, Megan Garton and Sarah Dribin, and our two-year-old, Alice Dribin. The baby-to-be is predicted to be born the day before Thanksgiving. Considering that Alice was a solid 14 days past her due date, we are taking this estimate with a grain of salt.

Did we find out the sex, you ask? Of course we did! We figure using anonymous donor sperm carries with it enough surprises. We are happy to say that there will be sisters in our lives soon! Considering the fact that both Megan and Sarah have two sisters -- and both Megan's mother and Sarah's mother have two sisters -- it's a little bit of a family tradition. If you've never heard the Clooney Sisters' song from White Christmas, you should give it a listen. It's a classic! With all the sisters in our lives, we grew up hearing it in two-part harmony approximately 70,000 times.

Q: Do you have any advice for people considering AI?

A: Starting about a year before we began trying to conceive for each pregnancy, Megan visited an acupuncturist every 2-3 weeks. This regulated her to the point where she could predict her ovulation to the same hour of the same day of each cycle. Running like clockwork certainly helped us feel confident in the process.

Q: Why did you choose CWHC?

A: There was never any question about us working with any other provider. We both had such positive experiences using various CWHC services over the years: it was the most natural choice for us. This decision was solidified after we had an initial fertility consultation. When we first began doing serious planning in the child-rearing process, we met with Terri, one of the consultants. Terri had such a warm and welcoming nature, and educated us so patiently and thoroughly through the often complicated process of conception, alternative and otherwise. We left this session feeling so assured in our next steps and sanguine about our future as a family, there was no doubt we wanted to involve CWHC in every way possible. Lucky for us, there were so many ways CWHC could be involved!