It Starts With Sex Ed

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For 30 years, CWHC has provided comprehensive, inclusive sexual health and healthy relationships education to young people and their adult allies in schools and community centers across Chicago. To celebrate this work and build towards its future, we are hoping to raise $30,000 by May 30th through our It Starts with Sex Ed campaign!

It Starts With Sex Ed

If you're wondering what starts with sex ed, throughout May we will explore the impact of health education on individuals, their relationships, on communities, and for all of us.

We will be capping off our month-long celebration with a birthday party! Join us for an evening of sex ed activities, good food and drinks, raffle prizes, plus conversations with our health education team. We hope to see you there!

May 30, 2019

6:30–9:00 pm

Reunion Chicago
2557 West North Avenue
Chicago, Illinios 60647

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CWHC’s health educators introduce young people to topics including sexual identity development, sexual health, and interpersonal skills, helping to build the confidence necessary to make informed decisions. Curriculum includes not only puberty, pregnancy, and sexually-transmitted infections, but also tools for addressing emotionally impactful messages from peers and social media about self-esteem, body image, gender identity, sexuality, and healthy relationships. The program also works closely with community partners to create safer, more inclusive classrooms for all students.

We’re asking you to join us in supporting our work by helping us raise $30,000 by May 30th!

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Week 1


CWHC’s health educators introduce young people to topics including sexual identity development, sexual health, and self-image, helping build the confidence necessary to make informed decisions. Our curriculum includes not only puberty, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections but also tools for addressing emotionally impactful messages from peers and social media about self-esteem, body image, gender identity, sexuality, and healthy relationships.

“We want all of our students to move through the world equipped with knowledge that enables them to make informed choices based on facts. Chicago Women’s Health Center has helped us provide an essential and empowering learning experience for our students that we would not have been able to do on our own. Congratulations on 30 years of such important and necessary work in Chicago!”
—Community Partner, The Chicago Academy for the Arts

Student Secret Question:
Why is there a pocket in the vagina?

Week 2


CWHC’s health education is comprehensive. Conversations go beyond safer sex and anatomy to also focus on healthy relationships. Building from our focus on healthy relationships with ourselves, CWHC health educators facilitate conversations about how to ask for and give consent, setting boundaries, crushes, and different types of relationships people may develop throughout their lives.

"Chicago Women's Health Center is a high-quality organization that champions health and wellness through positive and empowering relationships. We worked with Scout who builds positive relationships with students and gives fact-based, objective information enhancing our learning community."
—Community Partner, Norwood Park Elementary

Student Secret Question:
What do you do about sadness due to a crush?

Student Secret Question:
Are there different rules for different relationships?

Week 3


CWHC’s approach is used to empower youth and their adult allies to engage with sexual health education as an ongoing, life-long opportunity for learning about oneself, one’s relationships, and one’s community. To deepen its impact, the Outreach Education Program continues to prioritize both long-term partnerships and increasing the number of multi-session series at partner schools and organizations. The result is more time with more students across more grades, resulting in a methodology that embraces classrooms as communities and builds trust.

“CWHC’s program has become part of our family and culture. I truly believe that our students and staff have built a positive relationship with CWHC’s educators. Students and families of students have stated that they have been introduced to concepts and ideas that otherwise they would have been naive of or had the wrong stereotype. Educating students builds healthier communities and establishes healthier futures for our youth. Thank you CWHC for making a difference in the Back of the Yards community.”
—Community Partner, Chavez Elementary

“Partnering with CWHC for the last three years has opened my eyes and opened my students’ eyes to what comprehensive sexual health education really means. Beyond anatomy, puberty, and other traditional topics, CWHC educators encourage students to reflect on their identities, experiences, dreams, and goals. I’m constantly amazed at students’ willingness to engage in conversation and how quickly they develop trusting relationships with the CWHC educators. The whole school has benefited from the honesty and compassion integrated into every lesson and conversation. I see students being more reflective about themselves and society as a result of their CWHC education, which has consequently created a more accepting and empathic climate here at school. We value our partnership with CWHC and are incredibly grateful for the dedicated educators who work so passionately and patiently with our students, staff, and families.”
—Community Partner, McAuliffe Elementary

Student Secret Question:
Why do we have to learn this?

Student Secret Question:
Why do some people give their babies away?

Week 4


Young people who can advocate for their bodies, their relationships, and their communities can be part of shaping a more feminist future for everyone. In this feminist future, all bodies and identities have access to the information and resources they need.

“The consistently high-quality information and activities not only changes our girls’ perception of their bodies and sexuality but gives them the skills to work with other girls who do not have access to the information. CWHC is literally changing the world by empowering young women with a way to know and to talk about their bodies. Thank you. I don’t know how we would do what we do without you!”
—Community Partner, Expanding Lives

Student Secret Question:
How common is abortion?

Student Secret Question:
Was there always a perfect body, even centuries ago?

Student Secret Question:
Do the same rules apply for all couples?