Changes to CWHC's Sliding Scale

Starting July 1, 2018, there will be an increase of $10 to $20 to the top and bottom of our sliding scale, with increases varying by program.

Please know that we want you to receive the care you need whether or not you can pay at the time of your visit. CWHC will be keeping our 43-year promise not to turn anyone away based on ability to pay, and we will absolutely continue the sliding scale and payment plans options on which so many clients rely to make care accessible.

Gynecology and Primary Care Appointments (change beginning July 1, 2018)

  • Longer appointment, 1st time client: $110-50
  • Longer appointment, return client: $100-50
  • Shorter appointment, 1st time client: $90-$40
  • Shorter appointment, return client: $80-$40
  • Please note: Appointment fees do not include cost of labs.

Counseling Sessions (change already in effect)

  • Visit fee scale: $150-$30
  • 90-minute intake fee: $50

Alternative Insemination (change already in effect)

  • Insemination fee scale: $650-$300
  • Consult fee: $100

Why are we changing our fees?

This is one step among several that we are taking in order to sustain our commitment to providing client-centered, collaborative, compassionate health care. Over the last seven years, CWHC has seen substantial increases in our operating expenses, such as rent, insurance, and staffing needs. In order to sustain our services as well as the model of care that makes those services so unique, we made the decision to raise client fees alongside further investments in fundraising from our communities of support and grant funders.

For more information on our 2018-2020 Strategic Vision for the next three years, click here.

We welcome your questions about this change.

For questions about how to access our service or questions about our sliding scale, contact Cheryl Carvahlo, Clinical Services Coordinator, at (773) 935-6126 x226.

For more information on paying for services, please click here.